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Our fearless corner captain enjoying the view

The best seat in the house

WMRRA aspires to provide the best possible environment for people to enjoy the thrill of racing on a closed road circuit. We believe the key to a successful racing event is giving maximum attention to rider safety. Our volunteer corner workers play a vital role in ensuring our race events are safe for everyone, all while enjoying an amazing view of the fastest motorcycle riders in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact our corner captain or read on to learn more about how you can help!

Why should I be a corner worker?

  • Vital operational role

    Play a critical role in race day safety operations and learn more about how race days run.

  • Unmatched race views

    Corner workers get the closest view of racing action available, including parts of the track not accessible to spectators.

  • Transferrable experience

    Gaining experience corner working at WMRRA can potentially enable you to corner work for national- and international-level events (MotoAmerica, MotoGP).

  • Club membership

    Any volunteer who contributes to 3 or more consecutive race-rounds is considered an eligible voting club member for the WMRRA general election.

  • Meals, snacks, beverages

    Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and post-race beverages are provided for all corner workers.

  • Friendship and fun

    Hang out with folks who are just as passionate about racing as you!

Corner worker FAQ

Do I need experience to be a corner worker?

Absolutely not! No prior corner working or racing experience is necessary. We provide a brief orientation session for corner workers each race day and will pair you with an experienced volunteer to help you feel comfortable in your new role.

What should I wear?
  • No red clothing! We do not want riders to confuse your shirt for a red flag.
  • Comfortable, closed-toed shoes. You will be standing most of the day, as well as potentially walking or running on and off track.
  • Long pants. Protect your legs from hot bikes, tall brush, etc.
  • Weather-appropriate attire. You will have a corner stand or pop-up to generally shelter you from the elements, but still dress to keep yourself warm, cool, and/or dry.
  • Work gloves (optional). Helpful if you're going to be picking up bikes.
What do corner workers do?

Corner workers keep riders safe by serving as the primary communication channel between riders and race officials. They also ensure the racing surface is clear and are the first to offer assistance to riders who need help. Their duties include:

  • Radio communication with race control and other race day staff regarding incidents and track conditions.
  • Communication to riders with flags about track conditions and safety issues.
  • Ensuring the racing surface is clean and free of debris and hazards.
  • Assisting riders who have problems.
  • Directing riders toward safe racing lines.
What does a corner worker's day look like?

Here is a typical corner worker's schedule:

  • 6:30am: Meet fellow corner workers. Eat breakfast. Get corner assignment, safety vest, and radio.
  • 7:00am: Attend corner worker orientation and safety meeting.
  • 8:00am: Attend rider safety meeting to get any important updates for the day's race schedule.
  • 8:30am: Stock up on water and snacks. Head out to assigned corner.
  • 8:45am: Inspect your corner, flags, and safety equipment. Ensure everything is ready to go racing.
  • 9:00am: Get ready for "green track" and the first action of the day!
  • 11:30am: Lunch.
  • 12:15pm: Stock up on more water and snacks. Head back and get ready for the afternoon's races.
  • 5:00pm: Track shutdown. Pack up your corner stand. Drop off radio and vest. Grab a cold beverage to celebrate your hard work!
Do I have to work the whole day?

You can work a half-day (morning or afternoon) - we'd love to have you!

Can my group come and corner work together?

We love to have groups join us! Groups participating as corner workers have an opportunity to receive exposure on race day through PA announcements and the opportunity to set up an information booth in the pit.

Past groups include: Goldwing Touring Association, Tacoma Harley Owner's Group, and Christian Motorcyclists Association of Washington.

How do I sign up for this fabulous opportunity?

Email our corner captain to get the fun started!