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Love watching motorcycle racing? Want to see what happens behind the scenes? Join us for the best seat in the house!

As a club WMRRA aspires to provide the best possible environment for people to enjoy the thrill of racing on a closed road circuit. We believe the key to a successful racing event is giving maximum attention to rider safety. Our races are held with over 50 track officials, the bulk of which, are the vitally important “Volunteer Corner Worker.”

Corner Workers ensure safety in a variety of ways, including:

  • Radio communication with “race control”, and other race officials.
  • Communicating to riders with flags about track conditions, and safety.
  • Keeping the race surface clean, clear, and safe.
  • Assisting riders who have problems.
  • Directing riders toward safe racing lines.

A typical day goes like this:

Time Agenda 6:30am Join us for a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and grab a muffin. Sign up for your favorite corner, or explore a new side of the track you haven’t seen before. Pick up your radio, and safety gear. Get to know your fellow corner workers while we get settled in. 7:00am Corner Workers Safety Meeting Here you will learn about flags, radios, what to do in an emergency, and updates on what’s going on track-side. 8:00am Riders Safety Meeting All Corner Workers listen in on the Riders Meeting to get a better feel for the days schedule, and any late minute important information. 8:30am Grab some water and snacks (we provide these too!) and head out to your corner. 8:45am Walk your piece of the track to ensure that it is ready for racing. Make sure you have all your safety equipment, and get ready for an exciting day in the best seat in the house. Lunch We provide lunch, usually pizza, or sandwiches, and beverages too! After Lunch Stock up on waters and head back out to your corner. 5:00pm Shutdown. Bundle up your flags and head in to drop off your radio, and vest, and stop by for a cold drink! (Adult beverages and / or cold sodas provided)

Please dress properly for the weather. Wear shoes that are comfortable for standing, running and will protect you on the track (sneakers, boots, etc are okay – flipflops are not). Please wear long pants, and bring a pair of work gloves if you have them (sometimes parts are hot). Please do not wear any red clothing – unfortunately this looks too much like a “red flag” and is a safety concern. If you have any questions on what to wear or bring please contact the WMRRA Corner Captain, Craig Johnson

Here are the things we’ll take care of when you volunteer your time:

We value the time you spend with us and want to make it even easier for you to come join us for the weekend.

  • A special benefit to volunteering with WMRRA, is the ability to earn vouchers, good for Taste Of Racing at WMRRA race events.
  • Any volunteer who contributes to 3 or more consecutive race-rounds, is an eligible voting member for the WMRRA general election, and is considered a WMRRA club member.
  • Also, at the end of every race season- A special club volunteer is recognized for their contributions to the club, and is awarded the ‘Corner Worker of the Year’ award at the end-of-season banquet.

For specific circuit information, click here

*Please contact WMRRA Corner Captain regarding any questions.

Want more information?

So you don’t know anything about corner working? Don’t worry!

No experience is necessary to become a corner worker. We provide you as much information as we can in the morning, and put you in a corner with an experienced volunteer!

Can’t work a whole day? We’d love to have you for a half-day!

We welcome both individuals and groups to sign up and participate in one of the most essential roles on race day – while getting close to the action, and occupying the best seats in the house!

Groups participating as corner workers have an opportunity to receive exposure on race-day through public address announcements, an advertisement in the race program, and the opportunity to set up an information booth at the track.

Past groups include: Goldwing Touring Association, Tacoma Harley Owner’s Group, and Christian Motorcyclists Association of Washington.

Contact our Corner Captain, Craig Johnson for more information.