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The Airfence is a set of modules that absorb the impact of a motorcycle and its rider in an area where there is limited “run-off” or unavoidable obstacles, such as walls, embankments and any other hard surface(s) that could cause serious damage to racers.

WMRRA owns its Airfence and pays for all of the maintenance to each “cube” after it has been used. It costs A LOT and need constant monitoring, and oh so timely repairs, to effectively do its job.

WMRRA holds fund raisers throughout the race season(s) and gets donations from members that keep our Airfence ready and available should it be called upon to do its job. It is deployed and removed by our racers and volunteers for each round of WMRRA racing. Set-up and tear-down of the Airfence is a graduation requirement for all Novices wishing to graduate. This allows the Novice to see what goes into making a WMRRA race event a safe as possible place to race, as well as the time and manpower involved in the set-up and tear-down of Airfence.

Many WMRRA racers believe that “if you help set-up or tear-down the Airfence, it is highly unlikely that you will need it”. It’s a karma thing, and it works for the vast majority of our racers.

Airfence Rental

Our Airfence is available to rent by motorcycle track-day vendors. Please contact for more information.

Airfence Rental Requirements and information for renting WMRRA Airfence for your trackday.