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As a racer, it’s your responsibility to know the rules, read the rule book!

2024 WMRRA Rulebook

2023 Endurance Rules Addendum

WMRRA Bylaws

Referee Rulings

All referee rulings will be publically posted here for the current race season. At the end of the season, all clarifications will be brought in front of the Rules Committee to be considered for the following years rulebook.

If anyone disagrees with a referee ruling, you may appeal to the Executive Board per Rule A.1 of the rulebook.

The authority of the referee in the interpretation of these rules shall be absolute. In the absence of the referee, the WMRRA president will appoint a temporary referee for that event. A rider may appeal the referee’s decision to the WMRRA executive board. The appeal must be received or date stamped within seventy-two (72) hours after the event. See Bylaws Article 5D and 5E for appeals process.


No rulings have been made for the 2023 season.

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