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Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey to being a motorcycle road racer. This is a journey you’ll remember forever.

WMRRA’s novice program will give you the experience and skills needed to compete safely on the racetrack. We hope you choose to get involved with our great sport and become part of our tight knit family of racers.

Be sure to take photos, videos, and mental snapshots; your novice season will soon be a blur full of fun, friends, and of course, speed.

Welcome to the WMRRA Family.

Steps to becoming a new WMRRA racer

  1. Attend a classroom New Racer School
  2. Register for a Novice license
  3. Attend an on-track NRS School
  4. Register for your first race

NRS (New Racer School) Dates

First Opportunity

  • NRS Classroom - March 19th @ Online
  • NRS On-Track - April 17th @ The Ridge (

Second Opportunity

NRS On-Track Providers

WMRRA partners with two primary track day providers for the on-track portion of NRS.

Race Registration

Click here for registration instructions.


All Documents & Forms

Novice Race Classes

Novice license allows entry to 600 Amateur, Open Amateur, Ninja 250 Cup, Ultra-Lightweight Supersport, Lightweight Supersport, Lightweight Superbike, 450 Superbike, Middleweight Supersport, Middleweight Superbike, and Vintage classes.

See the WMRRA rulebook for more information.