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Announcements for WMRRA Round 2, OMRRA Round 3. June 12-13

Registration for Round #3 is now open on Track Intel. The deadline to avoid a late fee is 11:59 PM on Wednesday, June 9th.

We encourage racers to sign-up as early as possible.

The race schedule for Round #3 can be found here, on the OMRRA website. It is a little different from normal to account for the chicane races and WMRRA classes along with OMRRA.

There are no crew or spectator limits, so please bring your friends, family, mailman, and pit crew to the track! We would love to see them!

Similar to last year, qualifying will be used to set grids at all four of the PIR race rounds this year.

To ensure the financial stability of OMRRA in 2021, race fees are again non-refundable. The first four races you sign-up for during a race round are completely non-refundable. After you start four races, any subsequent race entries can be refunded upon request, less the $20 DNS fee per race.

Welcome Back the Chicane Course for Small Bikes!

As advertised, the “Festival Turns” will return for the 2021 season, with our June and July rounds.

This means that the middleweight and smaller classes will use the chicane configuration, while 600cc and 1000cc class bikes will continue to use the normal PIR course layout.

The chicane course adds a fun dynamic for racers competing on smaller bikes this season, and there is prime spectating from the bleachers right next to the chicane for those in the paddock.

Sign-Up for the Friday Track Day…You Need the Practice

As usual, OPRT will be hosting the Friday track day before Round #3. The date for this is June 11th.

If you are looking to get more experience on the chicane course, then we highly recommend signing up for the Friday track day with OPRT.

You can sign-up for the track day on OPRT’s website.

Get the Fastest T-Shirt in the Paddock

We still have a limited number of our highly coveted limited edition t-shirts for the 2021 season (we also have no shortage of the regular OMRRA logo shirts, as well).

The best way to get yourself, and your lap times noticed in the paddock, the 2021 season shirts feature a unique front design, with the club’s class sponsors for the year on the back.

You can get it in any color you want, so long as it’s green. FYI, green t-shirts always match winning races.

We look forward to racing with you soon!

Stay Fast,

The OMRRA Board of Directors